HackSchooling is a Thing!

hack                                                     (Photo CC by Jason Taellious)

Bud Hunt’s article, “Centering on Essential Lenses” was very interesting. I always thought that hacking was a bad thing. People would hack into other people’s electronic devices or accounts and put spams on or take money or whatever else they do, I’m not sure because I’ve never been hacked and I’ve also never hacked anyone, so I found it interesting that hacking used to be a good thing because it meant you were changing something. I like how he stated that we must use hacking in the school/education setting because things are always changing and one thing will not work for everyone because children are all so different. You always have to have multiple back up plans just in case, and sometimes even those don’t work, but you have to be flexible and “hack” a new way of doing things.

I also liked how he talked about having different lenses. You can’t look at everything one way because that is not the way the world works. You have to have a different lens for everything that you encounter.


(Photo CC by Dominique Godbout)

I took a class previously in my college career on the power of play and why it is important. I never knew what a big deal it was before I took that class, I always just saw it as a way for kids to have fun and pass time when they can’t be doing anything else. I didn’t realize how much they learn through play. The class talked about how there is different types of play through each different stage of a child’s life and it is all as important as the last. Children learn about the world through play, they get valuable information that and learning opportunities during play, but no one knows that it is happening because the kids are having fun and it doesn’t look like traditional learning. Bud Hunt talks about how you are always hacking while playing. You have to change the rules and the object of the game to keep it going and to keep it fun.

I was also really fascinated by Logan LePante’s TED talk. He never stated how old he was, but he did say that he was a teenager and I couldn’t believe that someone as young as him was already doing a TED talk. I really liked what he said about when people ask hi what he wants to be when he grows up. He wanted to be happy and that’s all he’s ever wanted, which I thought was pretty incredible. I was intrigued when he started talking about his school and his learning. He decided to be homeschooled instead of going to a public school because that wasn’t how he wanted to learn. He was able to hack his own learning and do what worked for him. I wish we could do that in the schools now, but there’s so many rules and standards and things that we have to do that that’s just not reasonable. You can do some things to change it but you can’t do much because they want everyone to be learning almost the same way and by changing it, you’re not doing that anymore.


4 thoughts on “HackSchooling is a Thing!”

  1. Great post, I too have always thought of hacking as a bad thing. I once had my bank card hacked and whoever did it took all the money that I had in that particular account. It was scary. But I think that it’s awesome to think that hacking can also be a good thing. I really liked the TED Talk that we watched because it opened to my eyes to education being a more fun and relaxing experience rather than something everyone always dreads.


    1. That is terrible that your card got hacked. That happened to my sister as well, but they were able to catch it before they took any money, luckily! When people think of education, they don’t think of it being fun and relaxing, they think of it as the exact opposite. But I agree with you, it should be fun for everyone.


  2. Kymberlie, your article relates back to a lot of different topics and I learned a lot just from this little piece of writing! I think that the whole lens approach to viewing thing is very handy, especially when working with students. I have to agree with you that homeschooling can be very effective with some adolescents and the way that LaPlante approaches this method is very creative! The need to spend our days being happy, even as children and teens, is something everything should take serious.


    1. I think that the focus for being happy should be higher up on what needs to be done. Too often, we take it for granted and think it’s just something that should come or does come naturally, but that’s not the case. We should teach kids how to look for all the good things in life and focus on those and not the bad in order to be happy.


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